Night bus lines again in Belgrade

Night bus lines in Belgrade are back in operation as of yesterday, the city’s Public Transport Secretariat announced on its website.

In accordance with the ordinance amending the working hours and restrictions that were in place during the unfavourable epidemiological situation in the country as of 31 May, and given the extended working hours in the service sector, night public transport in the capital is back in operation.

 The following 24 bus lines now operate at night too – 47N Trg republike – Resnik ŽS, 51N Trg republike – Bele vode, 56N Trg republike – Rušanj, 68N Trg republike – Novi Beograd (Blok 45), 202N Trg republike – Veliko selo, 706N Trg republike – Batajnica, 27N Trg republike – Mirijevo III, 33N Studentski trg – Kumodraž, 75N Trg republike – Bežanijska kosa, 15N Trg republike – Zemun (Novi grad), 26N Dorćol – Braće Jerković, 101N Trg republike – Padinska skela, 601N Trg Slavija – Dobanovci, 29N Studentski trg – Medaković III, 301N Trg republike – Begaljica, 31N Studentski trg – Konjarnik, 37N Trg republike – Kneževac, 308N Slavija – Veliki Mokri Lug, 401N Dorćol (Dunavska) – Pinosava 511N Trg republike – Sremčica, 32N Trg republike – Višnjica, 304N Trg republike – Ritopek, 603N Trg republike – Ugrinovci and 704N Trg republike – Zemun polje.

 (Nova, 01.06.2021)

 Photo credits: “Vladislav Mitić/”

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