NIDEC begins construction of yet another factory in Novi Sad

The Japanese company Nidec has had a groundbreaking ceremony on the construction site of its new factory in Novi Sad.

This will be NIDEC’s second factory in Novi Sad. NIDEC is a global leader in the production of electric motors.

“One of their factories, Nidec Electric Motor, is nearly finished and the installation of production equipment will begin there in the autumn, and in the meantime, the decision was made that a NIDEC division –  Nidec Elesys Corporation – should also have a factory in Novi Sad. The Novi Sad authorities, through their Building Land and Investments Administration, have provided funds for utility infrastructure and, I believe, that the works on that will have been finished by the end of this month,”  said the mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, and added that the aim is for Nidec to also bring a third division to Novi Sad.

The chairman of Nidec Elesys Corporation, Toshiki Saito, pointed out that he hoped that the good relations between the two countries would be further improved with the opening of the new factory.

“Our aim is to become a parent company for the production of inverters for the whole SEE market,” said Toshiki Saito.

(Mondo, 04.07.2022)


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