New Year’s Eve celebration in Belgrade without mass gatherings

The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, said that any measure implemented the basis of the epidemiological situation must be in the best interests of public health, but also of the economy, because we must not allow the economy come to a halt again.

As he pointed out, even though the time of the various festivities is coming, most of the citizens know that the celebrations are risky, and that this year, the traditional Christmas event for children will not be held in front of the Temple of St. Sava.

“There won’t be stalls selling various goods in the city centre as usual, but we will make sure that there will be a broadcast of the New Year’s Eve party on TV stations. We will organize an interesting programme in different locations where, among other things, young musicians will sing songs about Belgrade but without mass audience in attendance. We will also have a fireworks display at midnight, but there will be no mass gatherings,” announced Vesić on TV.

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He added that compliance (with epidemiological measures) can work well, citing the example of a small number of infected people in schools and nurseries.

“Our goal is to protect our health care system. We have turned the Belgrade Arena (into a COVID hospital) with 510 beds and 215 places for oxygen administration, which was not possible in the first or second wave. By December 1, the COVID hospital in Batajnica with 1,000 beds will have been completed. Only in Belgrade, we will have 1,510 new beds, on top of the existing hospital capacities,” Vesić underlined.

(Vecernje Novosti, 08.11.2020)

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