New vehicle registration rules postponed for another two years

Vehicle owners will be able to register their vehicles after 5 July under the same conditions, the Road Safety Agency has announced, as the application of the new regulation, which should have come into force on 5 July, has been postponed by two years.

“The application of the provisions of the regulation that relate to brakes, exhaust devices and exhaust emission (measurement of exhaust emissions, the requirement for a vehicle to have a functioning catalytic converter) and others will be postponed for a period of at least two years,” the Agency announced.

According to them, the amendments to the Regulation on the Division of Motor Vehicles and Trailers and Technical Conditions for Vehicles in Road Traffic will allow citizens to continue registering vehicles under unchanged conditions.

The regulation was adopted in 2012 and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure.

(Sputnik News, 08.06.2021)

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