New US ambassador:”Serbia and the U.S. together toward common interests”

The new U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, was sworn in and began preparations to arrive in Belgrade, the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade announced.

Hill underlined that America sees Serbia as an important partner and friendly country in perspective and that “a lot has changed since I was last in Belgrade and the region. Over the years I have learned to respect history and try to learn its complex lessons, but my suitcase will not be burdened by the past; I arrive with new perspectives for Serbia in 2022, a country that America sees as an important partner and friendly country.”

He added that he and his wife are looking forward to making Belgrade their home in the coming years and getting to know Serbia and its “dynamic people,” adding, however, that there is no doubt that these are difficult times. “But I believe that our two countries can face them together with a constructive spirit and tone, and with the knowledge that we have many common interests,” the new US ambassador concluded.

(Politika, 15.03.2022)



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