New Traffic Safety Law: Tougher penalties

On Thursday, the Serbian government is supposed to adopt the new draft Law on Traffic Safety.

The new law stipulates smaller fines for speeding that is not that excessive, longer validity period for trial driving licence, and tougher penalties for drivers who are operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Also, there are changes regarding car seats for children, driving tests for motorcyclists, and technical inspection of vehicles.

According to the new law, children under 135cm of height will have to be strapped in their car seats, and drivers will be allowed to overtake motorbikes, tractors and similar machines on roads with solid lines.

The current alcohol limit for drivers will be reduced to 0.2‰. The penalties for drivers who have over 0.2‰ of alcohol in their blood will be between 30 and 60 days in prison, driving ban lasting at least 9 months, and between 14 and 16 penalty points on their licences.

Also, technical inspection of vehicles, prior to registration, will be changed according to the new law with all technical inspection locations now having to have recording equipment that will be connected to the police computers.

Penalties for joyriding (like passing through red light, excessive speeding etc.) will be tougher too. “The penalties will be very high for those motorcyclists who ride their motorbikes on the back wheel because the chances of getting hurt or hurting someone else by doing this are 300 times higher compared to normal ride”, says Vladimir Jeftic, from the Association for Motorcyclists’ Safety.

New drivers, i.e. those that have just passed their driving test, will be given a trial driving licence for the period of two years. This licence has several limitations compared to the usual one. Also, the new penalty for not using your seat belt will be 10,000 dinars.

(RTS, 18.10.2017)


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