New taxation on auxiliary facilities from 2022

The Serbian Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the Law on Property Tax, and a novelty is that citizens and companies will have to pay separate taxes on so-called “ancillary structures”, writes Blic daily.

This group of properties is defined very broadly and includes cellars, basements for storing firewood, water wells, tanks, boiler rooms, facilities that are used for housing animals, barns and even sheds of over 10 square metres in size, which will be considered independent structures and treated as garages, while now they are taxed together with the home.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the proposed changes to the law can effectively reduce the tax for auxiliary buildings and expand the tax exemption for auxiliary facilities that are used for primary agricultural production.

Taxpayers will pay this new property tax, as proposed, as of 2022.

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“The amount on the tax for the new category of auxiliary facilities will be determined on the basis of the average price per square metre of garages and parking spaces in the municipality concerned, since local governments are responsible for determining the height of this tax “, Blic reports.

This practically means that the tax on basements, cellars or boiler rooms in an elite place in the capital will depend on the price of the garages in that part of the city. The draft law on amendments to the property tax law is under public discussion until 4 November.

(Kamatica, 28.10.2020)

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