New tax reliefs for foreigners working in Serbia

In early November, the Ministry of Finance has prepared the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax. One of the changes refers to the taxation of taxpayers who have recently moved to Serbia.

According to a tax adviser, Zvezdana Pisarević, in the future, returnees from abroad and foreigners will not have to fulfil two, but only one condition in order to receive tax benefits.

Persons who have completed specialized education and whose profession is in high demand in Serbia because there aren’t enough domestic workers in their work profiles come under this category. Also, people who, in the previous two years, had not mainly resided in Serbia and who, at the time of concluding the job contract, were under 40 years old, are entitled to these tax benefits.

Facilitation of jobs for returnees is a type of support intended mainly for the IT industry, in order to attract our people who worked abroad and are now willing to work in Serbia.  

In the abovementioned cases, the employer is entitled to reduce the payroll tax base 70 percent, which means that the payroll tax and contributions paid are calculated on the remaining 30 percent of the employee’s salary. The employer can use this tax benefit within a period of five years from the moment of concluding the job contract with a returnee or foreigner.

(, 23.11.2022)


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