New Swedish and French investments in Paracin and Topola

The Swedish company Rimaster will open a factory in Paracin, where it will produce cables, cable harnesses for special vehicles and industrial systems while the French company, Bodotextile announces investments in Topola.

According to the press release from the Paracin municipality, “the plant will employ 300 to 400 workers in the first three years, with the plan of hiring between 700 and 1,000 workers in the next ten years”.

Rimaster’s clients are the leading producers in the segment of special vehicles for the handling of materials, mining, forestry and agriculture, industrial applications and automatization.

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Rimaster does business in Sweden, Poland and China and has sales offices in Germany, Belgium and France. In Serbia, they considered opening a plant in Paracin and Lebane.

At an auction in Belgrade, held on 29th June, the Topola facility of Modna Konfekcija Rudnik was bought by the French company Bodotextile from Paris. The company was sold for RSD 23,500,000.

Modna Konfekcija Rudnik has been in bankruptcy since 2014 and in restructuring since 2005. An unsuccessful privatization was carried out in 2006, when eight companies competing for the ownership. According to the president of the Municipality of Topola, Dragan Jovanovic, Bodotextile is one of the best textile companies in France.

“I expect that all employees, 150 of them, will keep their jobs and be given better work conditions. I’ve had several meetings with the new owner and I expect investments of nearly a million euro”, Jovanovic adds. He goes on to say that he expects the salaries at the Topola plant to increase, as the arrival of the new owner will lead to the development of a new brand for the Russian market.

Bodotextile is expected to start operating in Topola in the first half of July, the Glas Zapadne Srbije reports. “I also expect the arrival of the French ambassador, as another renowned French company will now have a seat here, after Saint-Gobain which has bought the Karbon Company and developed the Weber brand”, Jovanovic said. 

(eKapija, 02.07.2018)

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