New state subsidies for the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles

The Serbian government yesterday adopted a new decree on the conditions and methods for the subsidised purchase of new-generation vehicles, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

Considering that traffic is recognised as a powerful source of pollution, in particular vehicles with obsolete Euro 3 diesel engines, this particular measure was adopted to combat air pollution in particular, the government says.

State subsidies for the purchase of new electric and hybrid vehicles under the regulation approved today will range from 250 euro for mopeds and light tricycles to 5,000 euro for passenger vehicles up to nine seats and light commercial vehicles, said the Ministry of Environment.

The decree on the conditions and modalities for the subsidised purchase of new electric vehicles, as well as hybrid vehicles, directly encourage the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport, said the Ministry for Environmental Protection.

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The measures are designed to improve air quality and the quality of the environment.

The right to preferential purchase of vehicles under the regulation is granted to legal persons, business owners and natural persons, with the exception of those who have benefited from the right to subsidies for the purchase of passenger vehicles to be used as taxis and in public transport.

The total incentive funds provided for these subsidised purchases amount to 120 million dinars.

(eKapija, 12.03.2020)


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