New solutions for labour disputes

Workers in Serbia could soon demand from their employers to pay them outstanding salaries and other income without having to go to court, through the process of peaceful settlement of labour disputes.  This also applies to civil servants.

This is one of the new solutions stipulated in the amendments to the Law on Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes which is currently being discussed by the Serbian MPs.

Apart from the aforementioned novelty, the amendments also stipulate several other solutions to work-related disputes with the aim of encouraging both employers and employees to take their disputes not to court but to the State Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes.

The public debate about the amendments, which involves the representatives of state authorities, employer associations, trade unions, NGOs and other stakeholders started on 31st May and will last until 20th June.

They will discuss the extension of jurisdiction of the State Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes to include disputes related to salaries and wages, which wasn’t the case before, with civil servants and anybody working in the public sector having the right to raise the question of outstanding salaries and other income. The debate will also include the topics like extending the Agency’s jurisdiction regarding disputes about severance pay or compensation for funeral services.

As for mobbing, the practice has shown that the best way to successfully resolve the dispute is through peaceful settlement. The amendments stipulate that mobbing cases could be now heard in front of the Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes. If the case is not settled in this way, than the parties involved will be directed to a relevant court.

(Blic, 06.06.2017)


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