New school year starts with teachers’ strike

The new school in Serbia started on Monday with a warning strike by teachers from 1,000 schools across the country.

The teachers cut the classes short, to 30 minutes, as announced by the representatives of four teacher unions – namely, the Association of the Unions of Serbian Educational Workers, the Nezavisnost Trade Union, the Union of Education Workers in Serbia and the Education Union of Serbia.

Teachers are demanding a different arrangement of pay groups, saying that they should all be in the ninth group, together with doctors.

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President of the Education Union of Serbia, Valentina Ilic says that negotiations the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ruzic and the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali “did not result in any agreement”, specifically not the one on pay groups.

Apropos the statement made by the minister Mladen Sarcevic that the trade unions were supposed to react “two or three years ago when the pay group system was introduced”, the Association of the Unions of Serbian Educational Workers said that the unions did not ask that they write the regulation on pay groups, but that they wanted to have the place in the relevant negotiations.

“Instead of paying foreign experts a lot of money, the government should have consulted people from the profession,” the Union said in a statement, adding that the unions urged Šarčević to “clearly and publicly” say that they were right.

“We wanted the minister to clearly articulate, on behalf of our colleagues and profession, our requests and not to easily and quickly forget the obligations the government signed on. We want to be in the ninth pay group, and more specifically, in the first tier of the ninth pay group”, the unions’ statement said.

(Dnevnik, 03.09.2018)




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