New school year starts, novelties for pupils

This year, 63,371 pupils will start primary school; 6,000 less than last year.

204 schools will only have lessons in the morning, while pupils will have the opportunity to participate in various extra-curricular activities in the afternoon. The Ministry of Education has designed 50 activities that students can do in the afternoon. All children, from the first to the third grade, will be able to attend additional classes if they wish.

What is in store for pupils this school year

The first in a series of school novelties is an electronic grade register, which this year was introduced in all 1,800 primary and secondary schools in Serbia. With the introduction of an electronic grade register, parents obtain information about all their children’s grades and absences.

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The advantage of this system is that parents can have an insight into their children’s grades and absences at any time, and since teachers cannot see the grades that child got in other subjects other than the one their teach, their grading process should be more realistic and objective.

In addition to the electronic grade register, pupils at 500 schools will also have digital classrooms, which will make the lessons more engaging and interactive for them.

As of this year, elementary school pupils will have new school subjects, such as technology and technology, physical education and health care, as well as computer science for elementary school students in lower grades. The novelty that most attracts attention is the state exam, the new final exam for middle school students.

Changes in education also apply to school trips, so that elementary school students, after returning from a school trip, will have to write an essay on where they went and what they saw on the trip. Buses transporting pupils will need to have seat belts and if the trip lasts more than two days, parents will have to provide detailed information on the child’s health ahead of the trip.

(Blic, 02.09.2019)


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