New Russian ambassador to Serbia: Russia to grant new loan to Serbia

“The constant pressure of the West on Serbia, exerted through the EU, is evident, while the US strengthened its pressure constantly while the US and its allies keep encouraging Kosovo to maintain tensions in the region,” stated newly appointed Russian Ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko.

“Those pressures are undoubtedly present in Serbia’s pre-accession negotiation process, while the Americans are exerting an even stronger pressure on Serbia,” the Ambassador says and adds: “Moreover, there is no evidence whatsoever that Belgrade’s best interests are taken into account in any form, in pursuit of a compromise solution.” 

“The West, primarily Washington, offers exclusive support to Kosovo Albanians, to their military structures and actions taken in army-related issues, leading to obvious further escalation of tensions”, Botsan-Kharchenko underlined, adding that Moscow truly hopes that the tensions in Kosovo would not evolve into a major conflict. 

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“I sincerely hope that Europe will perceive that the situation is getting dangerous and that it could get out of control, leading to more serious conflicts if the situation is ignored”, he concluded.

We will insist on punishing the perpetrator assaulting Russian UN staffer

“Moscow will ask for a full investigation to be conducted that would bring to justice the persons responsible for the assault on the Russian UN staffer Mikhail Krasnoshchekov,” the newly appointed Russian Ambassador stated. 

He added that no reaction to this incident on the part of the EU is also unacceptable. “The attempt to justify the assaults of Kosovo Albanians is not in accordance with the human approach towards UNMIK staffer that did his job well in very difficult conditions and under the UN mandate”, the Russian Ambassador concluded.

Russian loan for Serbia

 Serbia’s government is in talks with Russia for a 172.5 million euro export credit line to be used to finance infrastructure development projects.

“In accordance with the agreements reached during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Belgrade on January 17th, a new intergovernmental agreement is being prepared on extending a new export credit to Serbia that will be used for further development of Serbia’s infrastructure and opening of a modern dispatch centre,” Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko said.

Russian media reported last month that Moscow planned to extend a credit line to Serbia next year in order to finance railway projects totalling 230 million euro.

(Sputnik, 01.07.2019)


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