New rules give parents tighter control over teacher’s work

The Serbian Ministry of Education has amended the relevant Rulebook to give more power to parents in terms of controlling teachers and how well they are doing their job. However, trade unions have complained that this could lead to parents abusing their rights and meddling too much in schooling of their children and teachers’ work.

Amendments to the Rulebook allow parents to start monitoring the work of teachers, both when it comes to teaching and grading. Representatives of the Nezavisnost trade union believe that, as a result of these changes, parents could violate the authority of the teacher, but also that this provision could lead to a lowering of the grading criteria.

The Rulebook amendments stipulate that if more than half of the parents in one class file an objection to the way classes are conducted or against grades given, a specialized council is obligated to report that to the principal.

In case a teacher fails to abide by the relevant law, the director and the school secretary have to draw up a plan for additional control of the teacher’s work, visit their classes and propose measures to eliminate irregularities.

“In the end, not only the students will suffer who will not be in a position to acquire knowledge, but the whole society will be sacrificed because, if we send a message to new generations that they are not responsible for anything, then we cannot hope for better future”, Vesna Vojvodić, a member of the Branch Union of Educational Workers of Serbia says.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that it has informed and consulted the relevant trade unions about the amendments to the Rulebook on several occasions, adding that the Rulebook had to be amended in order to be harmonized with the recent amendments to the Law on the Basic Education System.

(Insajder, 13.02.2024)

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