New rules for people entering Serbia

Serbian authorities will begin monitoring people returning to Serbia from Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania from Friday, after 18:00.

Dr Predrag Kon, epidemiologist and member of the government Crisis Unit, explains that citizens will have to register electronically and state which border crossing they have entered. Those people who have coronavirus symptoms will need to report it to COVID facilities right away, while those who cannot report electronically will need to do so to their primary care physician.

“They don’t all have to go to COVID facilities. We expect 50,000 people a week to arrive in the country, multiplied by 10 days, that’s a total of 500,000 people. The form is already available as a self-assessment test on the website. The only mandatory thing for everyone is to notify the health system of their arrival on this website portal. As soon as the application is submitted and the person declares when and at which border crossing point they entered, they are in the system,” Dr Kon added.

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“If a person experiences health problems, they must immediately report to the COVID facility. First they have to notify of their entrance to the country electronically, and if symptoms appear, they need to immediately contact the COVID facility,” explains Dr Kon.

“It is important that they register as that is binding by the law. If they fail to register electronically upon returning to the country and they show symptoms, we will apply sanctions against that person in line with the relevant law,” he added.

The fine for purposefully jeopardizing other people’s health, as prescribed by law, is 150,000 dinars.

The registration before entering the country can be completed in 30 seconds.

Dr Kon also commented on the ban on entering the European Union for at least another two weeks.

“Their epidemiological situation is much less favourable. We are still in the yellow zone but we are going down towards the green one,” he concluded.

(Vecernje Novosti, 16.09.2020)


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