New rules for entry into Greece

Serbian citizens will no longer have to fill out the PLF form to enter Greece, the website reported yesterday.

Aleksandar Senicic, director of the National Organization of Serbian Travel Agencies (YUTA) has also confirmed the news: “It is true, the information is correct, the rule comes into force from today”.

This is a great relief for those who will be travelling to Greece, since last year, they had to fill out this multi-page form before entering the country, which was very time-consuming.

The Passenger Location Form (PLF) is one of the key elements of coronavirus screening. All passengers were required to complete their PLF form at least 24 hours before entering Greece, providing detailed information about their place of departure, the length of their previous stay in other countries, and the address where they would be staying in Greece.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website states the following about the rules for entering Greece:

– Serbian citizens may enter Greece, either by air or through one of the open border crossings. The following road border crossings are open to tourists 24 hours a day:

– with Bulgaria: Promahonas, Ormenio, Nymphaea and Exochi;

– with North Macedonia: Evzoni, Niki and Dojrani;

– with Albania: Kristalopigi, Kakavia, Mavromati;

– with Turkey: Castagnez and Kipi.

All persons over the age of five, who are citizens of the European Union (EU) and Schengen Agreement member states, as well as thirty-three (33) non-EU countries that have joined the EU Covid-19 digital certificate system (EUDCC), including the Republic of Serbia, may enter the Republic of Greece if they have a valid Covid-19 European digital certificate.

(Kamatica, 15.03.2022)


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