New rule for entering EU countries: Serbian citizens will have to pay €7

As of next year, citizens of Serbia, as well as citizens of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will have to pay €7 if they want to enter any of the EU countries. Everyone will have to fill in an online form and pay a one-off fee, which will apply to everyone over 18 and under 70 years of age.

Applications are required for all travel that lasts less than 90 days, which includes tourist, business, medical and transit travel through EU countries and all means of transport, whether by land, air or sea.

In most cases, a travel permit will be issued within a few minutes of submission of the application, without which you will not be able to enter EU countries, and rarely, due to further verification of permits, you will have to wait up to 30 days. The applicant can appeal if their application is rejected.

The European Travel Information System will be applied at all border crossing points of EU countries with neighbouring countries.

(, 20.04.2022)





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