New Ralph Fiennes’ film ‘The White Crow’ to be screened at 47th FEST

The third directorial film of the famous actor, Ralph Fiennes called ” The White Crow”, which was partly filmed in Serbia and financed by the Serbian government, will be screened at the biggest film festival in Serbia, FEST which will be held for the 47th time in Belgrade.

The film depicts the life of Rudolf Nureyev, a legendary Russian ballet dancer, who caused a political scandal when he defected from the Soviet Union to the West in 1961.

Fiennes gives us an insight into artist’s early life – the film begins with his birth on a Trans-Siberian train and follows him on the road to becoming one of the greatest ballet dancers of his generation. When travelling abroad, Nureyev was always escorted by the KGB agents and his movements were strictly limited. Nevertheless, he had the opportunity to acquire important friends, such as a French girl, Clara Saint (played by Adele Earchopoulous), who was able to help him to get a political asylum.  The story culminates when Nureyev makes a definite decision to defect and never to return to Soviet Union.

David Hare, who wrote screenplays for “Hours” and “The Reader”, also wrote one for “The White Crow”.

Organizers of the 47th FEST have also revealed two other films that will be screened at the festival –  an Argentine-Spanish film directed by Louis Ortega called “Black Angel”, produced by Pedro Almodovar, and “Hotel Mumbai” directed by Anthony Maras. Also, as previously announced, the audiences will be able to see Emir Kusturica’s documentary about Jose Mujica, the former president of Uruguay, called “Pepe, a Sublime Life”, as well as a feature film about Silvio Berlusconi called “Loro” (“Them”). Plus, there will be a screening of the film called “The House that Jack Built”, directed by the controversial Lars Von Trier.

Additionally, the winners of the 2019 Golden Globe awards – films “Green Book”, “Vice”, “The Wife” and “If Beale Street Could Talk” – will be showcased at FEST. The official festival programme will be released on 28th January.

(Blic, 20.01.2019)



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