New public opinion survey: Vučić would lose election

The current government and Aleksandar Vučić would not win the next elections, say the latest Demostat surveys, conducted in the last days of April and the first days of May.

Demostat researchers, who interviewed 1,600 respondents, came to the conclusion that as many as 39 percent of the respondents consider the results achieved by Aleksandar Vučić and his government to be bad, reports Danas daily.

A fifth of respondents, or 19 percent of them, believe that the government works well, a third – 33 percent – think that their work is average, while 9 percent did not give an answer to this question.

About a third of citizens (33 percent) believe that the current government’s approach to resolving the Kosovo issue, 23 percent think that their approach is good and 32 percent of respondents rated the government as ”average” in dealing with the Kosovo issue.

36 percent of the respondents said that the current situation in Serbian economy is average, 32 percent assessed it as bad, and 20 percent said it was good.

20 percent of the respondents rated the progress in the country’s accession to the European Union as positive, 36 percent gave an average rating, while 32 percent were negative.

In terms of the fight against corruption and crime, as many as 46 percent of citizens believe that the government is doing a bad job, and only 18 percent think that it is doing it well in this regard. 28 percent of the respondents said that the government’s fight against corruption and crime is “average”.

Demostat researchers chose five indicators of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with social activities and other relevant aspects of life – the economy, education, health, justice and the environment – and the Serbian authorities’ overall score was 2.44 (out of 5).

(, 05.06.2023)

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