New online scam targeting Post Express’ users

The Post Offices of Serbia has warned of a new online fraud that is very common in the country

It is a fraud that misuses the name and services of the Post Express courier service, all with the aim of trying to steal people’s data, especially those who shop on certain shopping sites.

The scam is based on the messages that users receive which contain a link to the fake page of the Post Express courier service, which has nothing to do with the Post Office. In the message, the users are asked to use their credit or debit card for payment.

A woman from Belgrade sold a device through an online advertisement and agreed with the buyer that she would send the goods only after receiving confirmation of payment. The buyer then concocted a story that he was a very busy doctor and had very little free time and asked the woman to check whether his payment has arrived by clicking on the link sent to her.

“I clicked on the link, and entered my Visa card number that I use when buying something online” she says and adds: “When I typed in the given password, I was redirected to a website in the Russian language that mentions bitcoins. Then I realised I had been duped,” she reveals.

Vladimir Vujić, head of the Department for High-Tech Crimes at Serbia’s Interior Ministry, says there are more and more scams of this kind and that they most often come from Russian or Ukrainian sites for buying cryptocurrency. “In this case, you can see that the message was written in bad Serbian with many grammatical errors, and it is quite clear that it is someone who used translation software such as Google Translate,” Vujic says, adding that links sent by strangers should never be opened due to viruses as well.

“All these fake sites may look almost identical to the bank or online shop’s website, the difference is only in one letter or a sign in the email address that we usually don’t pay attention to. Credit or debit card numbers should not be given to anyone you don’t know. The perpetrators are usually not from our country, so international police cooperation is needed for their arrest,” Vujic emphasises.

(Mondo, 08.12.2021)


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