New on-board rules for passengers flying to Italy

After the global coronavirus pandemic, the world of air travel has changed from what we were used to.

In Italy, ENAC announced that passengers are now not allowed to bring the usual suitcase in the cabin of the plane, as a measure of protection from the pandemic.

From today, the usual hand luggage will not be allowed in all inbound and outbound flights of national and international airlines in Italy, but only a small bag, handbag or backpack that must be stored in the space under the seat, reads the statement that the ENAC sent to the airlines.

The passengers are only allowed to bring on the plane luggage that can fit under the seat, because the use of the upper luggage compartment (hatbox) will not be allowed “for health reasons.”

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According to the Italian media, the aim of this measure is for passengers to be at a safe physical distance, and this is why it is necessary to avoid the crowds that occur when putting baggage in the aircraft’s hat boxes.

The decision has been criticised because it risks causing further damage to tourism, which has already been hit hard by the pandemic and months of restrictive measures.

Passengers will also have their temperature measured at the airport and, if it exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, they will not be able to board the aircraft.

On 3 June, after about three months of blockade due to the COVID-19 virus, Italy opened its borders to EU countries and the Schengen area countries.

(eKapija, 28.06.2020)


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