New motorway speed control system

If you have a closer look at your toll receipt, you will see that your vehicle’s average speed on a certain motorway segment was logged and showed on the receipt. However, not all receipts contain this information because the new speed measuring system is still in its test phase.

As the people from the public enterprise Serbian Roads (Putevi Srbije) say that the speed measuring system is being experimentally implemented as of yesterday, i.e. as of now, your toll receipt will also show your average speed on a given motorway section which would serve as the basis for penalties for those drivers who exceed the speed limit.

“We have been testing the system since yesterday which is why not all toll booths are issuing receipts that show the average speed”, the Serbian Roads says.

The testing phase is currently going on in the north and the south of the country, i.e. on certain toll barriers in Vojvodina and at the exit from Serbia, on the Corridor 10.

“The testing phase will last next week too and the system will be gradually implemented at all toll booths”, the Serbian public road company explains.

Ten days ago, the Serbian police announced that the motorway speed would be logged in the future at the toll barriers too, i.e. the toll receipts would show the average speed from one toll barrier to another.

(Blic, 30.07.2017)



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