New measures to fight shadow economy

Combating shadow economy is one of the priorities of the Serbian government for next year too. In order to do this, the government has adopted 68 different measures with the aim of cutting back on the state’s losses due to the illicit trade operations.

The national anti-shadow economy programme aims at reducing shadow economy to 26.7% of the national GDP, the VAT collection losses to 1/5, and the number of unregistered workers from 24% to 17%.

The main measures that are going to be implementing in the next few months are tougher measures on people engaged in shadow economy, and helping entrepreneurs-beginners by exempting them from paying certain taxes. Also, the government plans to implement a fast and simple registration system for seasonal agricultural workers.

“For the next two years, we will work on developing a system of consensual recognition of offenses – said Dragan Ilic, coordinator of the Expert Group for the Suppression of Shadow Economy in the Government of Serbia. “Shadow economy is now included in the new Law on the Organization of State Authorities in the Fight Against Organized Crime. The law will be applicable as of next March, and the illicit trade will be prosecuted by specially appointed officers”, Ilic adds.

Ilic also adds that the government is aware that there is no country in the world that has absolutely no shadow economy, and that the real issue is how widespread it is.

(Vecernje Novosti, 27.11.2017)


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