New measures for improving air quality in Belgrade

The Serbian Task Force for Protection of Air against Pollution has proposed a number of new measures, including the construction of an acoustic wall, the reduction of property taxes for citizens living in energy-efficient buildings and the installation of three more electric vehicle chargers.

It is expected that all public buses in Belgrade that use diesel as fuel will not be used in seven years’ time, as during that period they should be replaced by electric or hybrid buses, said the Task Force, chaired by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

As far as passenger cars are concerned, the Serbian Government will create conditions that would facilitate the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles by the end of February.

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Another plan is to build one more acoustic wall, in addition to the two existing ones, from the student city to the Sava Centre. The reduction of property taxes for citizens living in energy-efficient buildings and the reduction of contributions to those who intend to build such buildings have been considered too.

The plan is also to launch a tender for organization of public river transport, purchase 520 gas-operated buses in the next five years, plant one million trees on 190 hectares of the city land and build more than 300 intersections as part of the Smart Cities project, as well as install a lighting system that harmonize traffic lights with traffic density.

There are plans to install three more electric vehicle chargers and increase the number of electronic tolls on motorways, as the analysis found that two-thirds of foreigners and an increasing number of Serbian citizens use this way to pay the toll, which significantly reduces waiting time at toll booths.

(RTS, 18.02.2020)

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