New decree stipulates subsidies of EUR 5,000 for purchase of electric vehicles

The Serbian government has issued a new decree on subsidies for vehicles, from motorbikes to cars.

The new incentives refer to the purchase of new environmentally friendly, electric and hybrid vehicles, and natural and legal persons, as well as small business owners, are entitled to them. The amount of the subsidy will depend on the type of vehicle and it ranges from 250 euro to 5,000 euro.

The decree defines subsidies for five categories of vehicles: mopeds and light tricycles, motorbikes, cars with a maximum of nine seats, then M1 and N1 vehicles with hybrid traction and M1 and N1 vehicles with hybrid traction with an internal combustion engine and at least one electric engine.

Applications for a contribution can be submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection until 31 October 2022.

The first category includes electric mopeds and light tricycles, and it is possible to obtain a subsidy in the amount of 250 euros for their purchase from the state. An electric moped is said to be inexpensive and can be driven at a cost of 0.35 dinars per kilometre. Its maximum speed does not exceed 45 km/h and its motor should be up to 4kW. The same applies to the electric tricycle.

The electric scooter (moped) must be registered every year. The procedure is the same as for a classic moped.

For vehicle categories L3 to L7, the state subsidies go up to 500 euros. Here are the models that will be subsidized:

L3 – motorbike – two-wheeled vehicle with a maximum speed exceeding 45 km/h

L4 – motorbike with side seat – a three-wheeled vehicle whose speed exceeds 45 km/h

L5 – heavy tricycle – three-wheeled vehicle whose speed, regardless of the transmission mode, exceeds 45 km/h

L6 – four-wheeled vehicle – weight not exceeding 350 kg, not including the mass of the batteries; maximum speed not exceeding 45 km/h

L7 – heavy quadricycle: weight not exceeding 400 kg, or 550 kg for trucks, which does not include the mass of the batteries in the case of electric vehicles

For the third category, which refers to M1 vehicles, i.e. cars with a maximum of nine seats and light trucks powered exclusively by electricity, a subsidy of around 5,000 euros will be allocated.

For the fourth category, which refers to M1 and N1 type vehicles running on hybrid traction with the obligation that recharging must be carried out from an external source of electricity, as well as electric vehicles with integrated composition to extend their range with CO2/km emissions of up to 50 g/km, the subsidy sum allocated is 3,500 euros.

For the fifth category (M1 and N1 vehicles), i.e. vehicles with hybrid traction which have at least one electric motor in addition to the internal combustion engine and can drive without running the internal combustion engine for a certain time and exclusively on electric traction, whereby the generation of electricity to recharge the battery is carried out inside the vehicle,  a 5,000-euro-subsidy is envisaged.

(Blic, 10.01.2022)

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