New law: Directors of public enterprises not allowed to use their positions to promote political campaigns

Public companies executives in Serbia will lose their position/function if they take part in the so-called functionary campaign to promote political parties and individuals, as well as other forms of such campaign.

The draft on the changes to the Law on Public Companies says the promotion of political parties and individuals means the use of official space, cars and companies’ inventory for free.”

A manager will also be replaced if politically active in promoting parties and individuals during working hours and if pressures the employees to support a party or individual.    

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He or she will also lose the position in case they have known about the use of company’s resources in the political activities of the employees.

The law also stipulates dismissal for those people who know that an employee of a state-owned enterprise uses the resources of the public company for electoral purposes but has not taken any action to prevent this from happening.

The managers will also be fined from 50,000 to 150,000 Dinars. Those changes are said to be made in line with OSCE and ODIHR to improve the election process in the country.        

(Nova Ekonomija, 18.11.2019)


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