New investments in Nikola Tesla Airport – 10,000 new jobs

The construction of a runway, in addition to the renovation of the main runway, is one of the first construction works that have to be carried out at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport in the next five years, the Politika daily reports.

The project was announced two years ago by the French company Vinci which has the biggest Serbian airport under concession for 25 years. The planning document that defines investments in this strategic complex located in Surcin is available for public viewing until February 10.

In addition to reconstruction and upgrading, the detailed regulation project to be implemented at the airport, which spans 1,870 hectares of land, includes a major transformation of the land along the motorway.

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The future commercial area will extend up to 250 hectares south of the Belgrade-Zagreb motorway.

The construction of a second runway, a new passenger terminal and related technical and service facilities is planned only after 2043, when Vinci will cease to operate the airport.

Belgrade’s Chief City Planner, Marko Stojcic explains that, by 2043, the concessionaire Vinci and the government of Serbia expect the airport to service 15 million passengers per year, which is three times more than today, and this figure would indicate the need for constructing the second runway and new airport complexes.

As the number of passengers increases over the next two decades, the concessionaire will upgrade the terminal facilities and infrastructure.

“Thanks to the expansion of the airport and the new economic and commercial zones, about 10,000 new jobs will be created and the increase in passenger numbers will directly benefit tourism in Belgrade,” underlined Stojcic, confident that the plan, drawn up by the Belgrade Urban Institute, will be adopted by the end of March.

(Bizlife, 19.01.2020)


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