New government on August 25; Dacic’s party to get maximum three ministries

The most likely date for the formation of the new government is August 25, reports Blic daily, citing anonymous sources.

For now, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), led by the current Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, is closer to remaining in the governing coalition than to the opposition, albeit with weakened influence and a small number of departments.

“The new government should be formed around August 25 and until then there is time for the leader of the SNS, Aleksandar Vucic, to discuss with his leadership what positions in government ministries will Dacic’s SPS get. For now, it seems that the Socialists are close to staying in the government, although they might be getting fewer positions in the government than before,”  the source says.

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In the last government, the Socialists headed five government ministries, but this time around, they will head three the most.

“The expectations are that, if we actually make it to the government, we will retain the post of Deputy Prime Minister. As for individual officials, Goran Trivan (the current Minister of the Environment), will probably be relieved of his duty due to the scandals linked to him, as will a government advisor who recently called for rebellion against the government,” revealed an anonymous source from the Socialist Party of Serbia.

(RTV, 22.07.2020)


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