New government ministers

Following the meeting of the Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) Presidency, Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić announced the names of new government ministers who come from the following political parties – SNS, SDPS (Social Democratic Party of Serbia), SPAS (Serbian Patriotic Alliance) and PUPS (Party of United Pensioners of Serbia).

– Minister of Finance: Siniša Mali (SNS)

– Minister of Economy: Andjelka Atanacković (independent candidate)

– Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources: Branislav Nedimović (SNS)

– Minister of the Environment: Irena Vujović (SNS)

– Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure: Tomislav Momirović (independent candidate)

– Minister of Energy: Zorana Mihajlović (SNS)

– Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications: Tatjana Matić (SDPS)

– Minister of Justice: Maja Popović (independent candidate, former head of cabinet of the former director of the BIA security services, Aleksandar Djordjevic)

– Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government: Marija Obradović (SNS)

– Minister for Human Rights, Minorities and Social Dialogue: Gordana Čomić (former members of the Democratic Party)

– Minister of the Interior: Aleksandar Vulin (Pokret Socijalista)

– Minister of Defense: Nebojša Stefanović (SNS)

– Foreign Minister: Nikola Selaković (SNS)

– Minister of European Integration: Jadranka Joksimović (SNS)

– Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development – this government seat will go to a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia, not yet decided which one.

– Minister of Health: Zlatibor Lončar (SNS)

– Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs: Darija Kisić Tepavčević (independent candidate)

– Minister for Family and Demography: Ratko Dmitrović (SPAS)

– Minister of Sport: Vanja Udovičič (SNS)

– Minister of Culture and Information: Maja Gojković (SNS)

– Minister of Rural Affairs: Milan Krkobabić (PUPS)




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