New government measures: Public transport stops tomorrow at 8 pm, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls to close on Sunday

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has announced that public transport in Serbia will be suspended from 8 pm tomorrow, with restaurants, cafes and shopping malls closing on Sunday until decided otherwise.

“The government will impose an even stricter curfew. Public transport stops as of 8 pm tomorrow, and all restaurants, cafes and malls will be closed on Sunday onwards. The present danger is great, while the pressure on medical professionals is enormous,” Brnabic said at a press conference.

She also said that it was up to us to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our families, our neighbours and our local community by spending outside as little time as possible and follow the government recommendations.

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“Restrictive measures have been implemented to preserve the health of the nation, to have as few casualties as possible in this war and to give the health system a chance,”- the PM said, adding that those were the very reasons why the government had imposed such restrictions on the movement of citizens.

She stated that Serbia had entered the third week of the fight against the coronavirus, and urged employers to be more lenient and have more understanding for their employees.

“Allow them to work from home, and if they can’t, let them contact us so we can try to provide them with transportation to work. No company will fold if business underperforms for several weeks. Let’s be patient, think about people for a while and exercise utmost solidarity,” said Brnabic.

She added that food delivery would be allowed, as would private passenger and taxi transport, in lieu of public transportation.

(Blic, 20.03.2020)

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