New Gender Equality Law in Serbia in autumn

After two years of drafting, Serbia is supposed to get a new gender equality law, which, among other things, will stipulate that at least 40% of women civil servants should be in the management.

Also, according to the new law, employers are not going to be allowed to ask prospective female job candidates whether they are planning on getting married or having children.

Deputy PM, Zorana Mihajlovic says that the Serbian government will discuss the law in the next ten days which will then be forwarded to the Serbian Parliament to be adopted by the end of September.

She adds that 25 different institutions (ministries, agencies and independent bodies) have reached a consensus about the law. Only the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues want the law to be re-drafted.

“I think what the Ministry of Labour is doing is very bad for Serbia. This not only one but several steps back for Serbia”, said Mihajlovic.

“If individuals or companies fail to adhere to the new law, they will be fined between 500,000 and 1.5 million dinars”, Mihajlovic said and added that the fines were applicable to private sector too.

She also says that the law bans from employers asking for a photo to be included in a CV from job candidates, or choosing candidates based on their looks alone.

“Employers are also not allowed to ask job candidates whether they are planning on having children, or if or when they are planning to get married”, Mihajlovic adds.

The new law also better regulates prevention of violence against women, and economic empowerment of women.

Deputy PM points out that Serbia is the only country in Europe that doesn’t have an official hot line for women who are victim of violence, which is something that the new law also regulates.

(eKapija, 24.08.2017)


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