New Fiat model available only after 2020?

The media in Serbia have been speculating recently about Fiat starting the production of its new model – a small SUV – in 2019 in its factory in Kragujevac. However, the Danas daily writes that the new model cannot be expected before 2020.

Certain local media announced that the production of a small Fiat SUV will begin in Kragujevac in 2019. However, the company hasn’t made any official statements, but unofficial sources say that have been indications from the factory that the media speculations are without basis.

The Danas daily reports that the only thing certain is that the new model will be produced in Fiat’s plant in Kragujevac, but certainly not in 2019.

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The daily also writes that the General Manager of Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac, Silvia Vernetti, is supposed to meet with the representatives of the Serbian government in late December or early January to discuss the plans of the Fiat Chrysler group in Serbia. The question of the financial participation of the Serbian authorities, which are the factory’s co-owners, in the further development plans, will probably also be discussed at the meeting.

In line with the relevant contract concluded with Fiat, Serbia should participate with 33% in the financing of the development of the new model. The development and the promotion of the new model cost between several hundred million and a billion euro. This means that, even if the top management of Fiat Chrysler reaches such a decision, the production in Kragujevac couldn’t begin before 2020, under the condition that the model is in the advanced stages of development.

In late 2017, the Kragujevac plant confirmed that it had received the “silver status” in the production of world class cars, as well as two additional points. It is almost certain that it will get another two points it needs for the “gold status”, which will definitely qualify it for the production of the new model, the Danas daily writes.

(N1, 19.12.2018)


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