New EU investment plan for better connecting the region

The Serbian Minister for European Integration, Jadranka Joksimović, said that the new EU’s economic investment plan for the Western Balkans will be finished soon and presented in early October; its goal is to better connect the region in terms of transport, energy and digital technology.

The plan also envisages the implementation of Green Agenda projects, i.e. environmental protection, and will improve the competitiveness of the Western Balkans region, Joksimović told RTS.

It specifies that various financing instruments will be used, from national IPA funds and multi-beneficiary IPA to the investment framework for the Western Balkans, which means a combination of favourable grants and loans.

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“It would be irresponsible to talk about the value because we do not it know yet, but I expect it to be several billion euros,” said Joksimovic, answering the question about how much money Serbia will receive from the plan.

The Minister confirmed that those funds will be used for valid and ready-made projects, and underlined that that was why the line Ministry, the Prime Minister’s cabinet and President Aleksandar Vucic, worked all summer to prepare and present the projects.

“In late July and early August, we sent the projects that we prepared during the summer, including railways that have a regional dimension, new roads, regional connections, and things related to employment, up to numerous sewage treatment plants, etc.”

When talking about regional connections, Joksimovic said that that will create new jobs and a more favourable investment environment.

The new economic investment plan, due to the pandemic, will also address what has become a new priority and which is undoubtedly the most important for citizens: youth, education and social component.

(Politika, 20.09.2020)

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