New EP’s resolution on Serbia focuses on sanctions against Russia

The final version of the European Parliament Resolution on Serbia that Nova had access to condemns attacks on journalists and the spying on the Russian opposition organized by the Serbian Interior Ministry, and openly asks Serbia to introduce sanctions on Russia, Nova reported.

The authors of the final version of the resolution express support for Serbia’s future membership in the European Union and recall that this requires sustained efforts and irreversible reforms in all areas, especially in the area of the rule of law.

The document says that progress in these areas is possible only if Serbia aligns its policies with EU decisions and positions on foreign and security policy, including sanctions on Russia, and urges Serbia to reassess its economic cooperation with Russia, reported

EU High Representative Josep Borrell told a session of the European Parliament that Serbia is expected to progressively align its policies towards third countries and positions within international organizations with the policies and positions adopted by the EU, including with regard to restrictive measures.

The resolution also draws attention to the fact that flights between Moscow and Belgrade have not been discontinued despite the fact that the EU’s airspace has been closed to flights to and from Russia and asks Serbia to suspend all military cooperation with Russia.

(N1, 08.06.2022)




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