New epidemiological measures to be introduced

A member of Serbia’s Crisis Response Team, Branislav Tiodorovic, an epidemiologist, said on Monday the Team was ready to tighten the existing measures in preventing the COVID-19 epidemic from spreading.

After an increase in the number of infected with the coronavirus, Tiodorovic told a daily it is expected since all the measures have been ignored though still in force.

Earlier, Belgrade Deputy Mayor said the capital would be against any new measures, claiming that over a half of the residents had been fully immunised.

„Everybody has relaxed, and it’s high time for all to understand that the measures must be respected – wearing a face mask, keeping physical distance and disinfection. Serious attention must be paid to the situation, and we have to be ready for stricter measures,” Tiodorovic said.

That could mean shorter working hours for restaurants as it is in Montenegro and Greece – until 10 pm or midnight.

As far as the mass gatherings are concerned, Tiodorovic says the Team will consider reducing the numbers from 500 to 200 people at the most.

(Vesti online, 09.08.2021)

Priprema se pooštravanje mera u Srbiji



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