New Elena Ferrante’s book on sale in Serbia as of Monday

The third book in the widely popular series, written by Elena Ferrante, will go on sale in Serbia on Monday.

The book can be purchased at Bookastore and the website. It costs 1,397 dinars, but, in the two weeks since its release in Serbia, the price will be reduced to 1,199 dinars.

The book titled “Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay” is the third book in the series that comprises of two other novels “My Brilliant Friend” and “The Story of a New name”. The story of the third book takes place in the 1970s, and the main characters and childhood friends Lila and Elena are now grown up women who lead very different lives.

“Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay” is the story of a furious friendship, and the internal violence suffered by two women set against the turbulent landscape of a fractured Italy. Elena and Lila grow up, their lives converge and diverge, they have children, they share a passion for the same man, they leave their husbands. 

Although, Elena Ferrante’s real identity is unknown, that did not deter Time magazine from naming her the Person of the Year in 2016.

In interviews over the years, Ferrante suggested that her anonymity was a vital component of her work. Being unknown, she said, gave her the space and liberty to focus on her writing, free from the “anxiety of notoriety” or the temptation to censor herself.

Since the publisher Europa released the first bookMy Brilliant Friend, in 2012, the series has sold over a million copies in the U.S. and garnered glowing critical praise.

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