New eKonsultacije portal allows citizens to participate in public debates about laws

The  eUprava web portal now has a segment called eKonsultacije which will enable citizens to participate in the process of adopting laws, regulations and other acts, as well as in the process of drafting public policy documents such as strategies, programmes and action plans.

The relevant state body conducting the consultative process or public debate is obliged to make all documents accompanying the regulation or document available to the public on its website and on the eKonsultacije web portal, together with an invitation to the public to write proposals and comments.

The mandatory use of the eKonsultacije portal in the adoption of acts is prescribed in the Regulation on Guidelines of Good Practice for Public Participation in the Preparation of Draft Acts and Other Regulations and Acts, adopted on 12 July 2019.

Citizens who want to participate in the consultation process on the eKonsultacije portal must register and then they can comment or make a proposal on the documents that they are interested in. The institution responsible for drafting the said documents is obliged to respond to comments within at least seven days.

If the proposed amendment is rejected, the institution is obliged to publish on the web portal the reason for the rejection of the proposal. In addition, the drafting entity is obliged to publish on the web portal a report on the consultation or public debate process carried out, before sending the document for adoption. The consultation process and the public hearing have a set timeframe and users can observe all stages of these processes.

(Nova Ekonomija, 16.12.2021)


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