New disciplinary measures to be introduced in Serbian schools

For the first time in the Serbian education system, schools will be allowed to suspend students from classes for five days, according to the amendments to the relevant law.

Students will also get grades for their behaviour starting with the second grade in elementary schools which will be included in final grades, while the most serious punishments are reserved for offences such as severe physical and psychological violence. These measures should be applicable from the second semester in both elementary and high schools.

Aleksandar Markov from the Forum of Belgrade High Schools says that the new disciplinary measures make sense and that it’s a good thing that students will be given a warning to correct their behaviour, followed by expulsion from the school if they fail to do so.

“The suspension from classes would be applied only to the most serious offences such as physical fights and psychological violence,” Markov says.

Teachers have welcomed the new disciplinary measures and think that students should be given an opportunity to reflect on their behaviour before being expelled from school.

Another measure is that students, who are the subjects of disciplinary action, will not be allowed to transfer to another school to avoid the consequences of their behaviour.

(Telegraf, 22.11.2023)

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