New difficulties for people traveling or returning to Serbia?

At a time when the pandemic is still not slowing down, it has become very difficult for people to travel, especially for those people who need to leave or come to Serbia for business or private reasons.

Unlike Serbia, which is almost completely open to the whole world, since Serbian border authorities require a negative PCR test only for travellers coming from Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania, it is much more difficult for citizens with the Serbian passport to travel abroad.

It is also true that, in recent days, much thought has been given to the introduction of a mandatory PCR test for everyone who is arriving in Serbia, whether they are Serbian or foreign citizens.

Since this summer, Serbia has been on the EU’s red list, which has not changed even when the country had the lowest share of infected people per 100,000 citizens of all European countries.

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At the moment, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Serbian citizens can travel to 15 countries without having to submit the mandatory PCR test or be quarantined.

Some of these countries require a visa, some require a simple medical examination, some mandatory health insurance and some just filling out an application form with the relevant information and the reason staying in that particular country.

For now, Serbian citizens can travel to neighbouring countries such as Bosnia, Albania, Bulgaria or North Macedonia without providing test results, but also to much more exotic destinations such as Turkey, Brazil, Jamaica, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Oman, Palau, Pakistan, Sudan and the Central African Republic.

(Blic, 01.12.2020)



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