New Cultural Spaces Festival

A one-month-long festival of independent culture will take place in ten cities across Serbia, starting on 2nd September. The Festival is in its fourth year running and this year, it’s slogan is “Running on our own power – New Cultural Areas”, the organizers said.

Numerous cultural programmes will take place from 2nd September onward in more than ten cities in Serbia including new contemporary art practices, calling for dialogue in communities, and asking questions and seeking answers together –  the statement of the Independent Cultural Scene Association of Serbia says.

In addition to Zrenjanin, the festival will also take place in Kragujevac (under the name KRAF) and Subotica (Gifest), and will involve film screenings, interviews, exhibitions, performances and artistic interventions. Apart from the two aforementioned towns, the festival will also take place in its Novi Sad, Čačak, Požega, Novi Pazar, Šabac, Ivanjica and Užice.

A special part of the programme consists of workshops with a direct participation of festival visitors, revealing lesser known places of culture in Serbia. In mid-September, the Satibar Association will host a two-day film workshop in Banatska Dubica, while AgoraArt Action will have workshops every weekend, starting from 8th September. The workshops will be held in the unused factory of the Sloboda Company in Bela Crkva.

Over 35 different organizations are involved in this year’s festival programme, which features multidimensionality of expressions and unusual links between various artistic disciplines, the organizers say.

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(N1, 03.09.2018)



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