New coalition between Jankovic and Tadic?

Is the merger between two opposition parties– Sasa Janković’s Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) and Boris Tadić’s Social-Democratic Party (SDS) – imminent?

This possibility stems from Janković and Tadić’s statements, who both rejected to join the Alliance for Serbia (SZS) if the Dveri Movmeent and the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) join it too.

Janković recently told Blic daily that he was in favour of forming a pre-election coalition with pro-European parties, and that his movement had already been cooperating with many of them, with the list constantly expanding. Tadic also criticized „the right-wing SZS“, saying that the opposition would have a greater chance if two blocs were formed. So, what are the chances of the opposition reaching an agreement?

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SDS spokesman, Konstantin Samofalov says for Blic that the SDS is willing to talk to all pro-European civil parties.

„I am talking about those who are not a part of the negotiations for joining the Alliance and those who are. Our position is that it is necessary to unite the pro-European opposition and that the only way to beat Vučić is to be a principled policy, not an unprincipled coalition. This is especially important because the problem here is not just that the electorate is too scattered, but also their abstinence from voting. The opposition must offer these voters clear policies and solutions. So, we are continuing to talk to everyone and after all the negotiations are done, we will make a decision on our further action. Our position is clear, but we are ready to listen to a different argument,” Samofalov said.

Janković refused to give his statement about the possibilities of cooperation.

„ An agreement on the key values and political direction that the political organizations of civic and European orientation will offer to Serbia will have all the important elements. It is created primarily by new political organizations and people in politics“, says a source of the Blic daily.

(Blic, 25.07.2018)


Photo credits: U. Arbic / RAS Serbia

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