New central bus station to be opened in autumn

The outgoing mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić, said on Friday that the new main bus station, located in Novi Beograd, would probably be opened in autumn of this year.

As the main reason for the delay in the opening of the new bus station, Šapić said that the fault lies not with the city authorities, but with the Construction Directorate of Serbia, “because of internal road still not being finished”.

He also noted that when the 27,000-square-metre station building is completed and that the building will also have commercial facilities.

He underlined that the new bus station will be able to take up to 5,000 buses that currently have to pass through the city centre.

“Furthermore, a large parking lot is being built and when that is finished, this will be one of the most functional and best bus stations in the whole of Europe”, pointed out Šapić.

(, 18.05.2024)

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