New app for reporting tax irregularities launched

The Tax Administration of Serbia said yesterday that it launched a free mobile application for smartphones called “Poreski Alarm” (Tax Alarm), through which people can quickly and easily report any tax irregularities.

Thanks to this app, people can report things such as non-issuance of cash register receipts, the performance of unregistered activities and hiring of undocumented workers, as well as other tax irregularities in the activity of various companies and business entities.

The application allows for quick and easy submission of the relevant information or a picture of a company in which irregularities have been observed, and the app users can submit the application anonymously or identify themselves, depending on the option chosen.

After reporting a business entity for tax irregularity, the user will automatically receive electronic notification of the submission of the information, which will be visible in the Tax Administration’s system immediately after submission.

If the app user’s claims are valid and substantiated, the Tax Administration will take the measures provided for by law and its powers and will sanction any behaviour that does not comply with tax regulations.

(, 11.03.2021)


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