New anti-COVID regulation for employers and employees

The Ministry of Labour has approved a new regulation, which will come into force today, for employers and employees which contains measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Employers must adapt their operating plans with the new measures by August 10.

The new regulation prescribes preventive measures to be applied by the employer in order to prevent the onset and spread of a contagious disease and to ensure safe workplace for employees in the working environment.

The regulation applies to all workplaces, with the exception of outdoor work and work from home.

Employers are required to adopt their operational plans to the new measures which are an integral part of the risk assessment in accordance with the law and regulations.

In addition, the employer is required to harmonize its plan for the implementation of the measures, according to the decisions of the line authorities.

The employer is required to ensure that preventive measures are applied in every workplace, and in particular to provide written instructions and instructions on measures and procedures to prevent the outbreak of infectious disease and to provide information on the symptoms of an infectious disease.

Depending on the possibilities, companies should have a second or third shift with fewer employees.

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There should also be better hygiene and disinfection of work and auxiliary rooms, which includes regular disinfection of the rooms and frequent ventilation of the work area.

Employees should be provided with sufficient quantities of soap, towels, running water and alcohol-based disinfectants for hand washing. Companies should ensure regular cleaning of all surfaces frequently touched at the workplace, in particular rooms and equipment such as toilets, door handles, telephones (landlines), computer equipment and other work equipment, as well as adjust the way work and auxiliary room disinfection records are kept.

Companies should safe contact with contractors, suppliers, distributors and external collaborators, organise and ensure the regular removal of waste and rubbish (plastic-coated garbage bins) from the premises so that they can be emptied without contact with the bin content.

Employers are also required to ensure the application of preventive measures in the event of infectious disease, and in particular to disinfect and ventilate the area where an infected employee has been spending time regularly, as well as to comply with the procedures for entering and leaving the premises and implementation of other protective measures during the work process.

It is necessary to precisely define in which directions employees are allowed to move in work and auxiliary premises, to carry out strict control of the movement of employees from the unit in which the infected employee worked, to reduce their contact with others and to maintain the prescribed protective measures.

(Srbija Danas, 09.07.2020)

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