New anti-COVID measures coming soon

The government’s Crisis Unit will have a new meeting at which they are going to discuss the current epidemiological situation in the country and the possible implementation of new measures.

The main topic if the meeting will be Serbian citizens, who are living abroad, coming to Serbia for the upcoming holidays.

The Crisis Unit will discuss the manner of checking the health of the Serbian citizens returning from abroad, whether they will have to undergo a mandatory PCR or antigenic test, or whether it is sufficient to put them under surveillance.

Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Unit, Branislav Tiodorović, said that, in the next two or three days, the public will be informed whether special supervision and control measures will be introduced at border crossings before the New Year and Christmas holidays.

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“In the next two or three days, we will have an answer as to whether we will introduce special surveillance measures. Measures should be introduced, i.e. a mandatory negative PCR test or antigenic test which proves the immunity. This works in Europe and we should introduce it too. People want to continue travelling and Serbian citizens living abroad will come here for holidays. As far as foreigners are concerned, we need to step up the measures, and also for our people who work abroad who will come to Serbia soon”, Dr Tiodorović added.

“The Serbian citizens who are coming from Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia should be given instructions at the border and fill out a relevant form. On the basis of this form, we will determine if someone is at risk and have to report to the COVID Unit”, he underlined.

(, 29.11.2020)


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