New anti-corruption prosecution offices launched

Special anti-corruption departments at prosecutor’s offices and courts will officially commence their work on Thursday, 1st March. The aim of these departments is to fight against big and petty corruption in both public and private sector in Serbia.

Specialized prosecutors and their new associates – financial forensics – have already been deployed in four regional departments led by the Belgrade centre of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.

The launch of the anti-corruption departments coincides with the beginning of the implementation of the new Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of State Authorities in the Fight against Organized Crime, Corruption and Terrorism which focuses on detecting and processing corruption-based and financial crimes.

The Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime will helm the new anti-corruption network which will prosecute individuals engaged in big corruption which criminal damage exceeds 200 million dinars.

Regional anti-corruption prosecution offices in Novi Sad, Nis and Kraljevo will prosecute cases where criminal damage amounts to less than 200 million dinars.

The law stipulates that the Prosecutor’s anti-corruption office in Belgrade will have between 20 and 25 deputy public prosecutors,  while the one in Novi Sad will have 15-20, and the ones in Nis and Kraljevo between 10 and 15 each. These are specially trained prosecutors and financial forensics who will jointly take part in the prosecution of financial crimes and corruption. Special task forces will be formed to deal with particularly complicated cases.

Financial forensics will help the public prosecutor with deciding whether there are sufficient grounds to launch criminal proceedings, and after that, they will be in charge of collecting evidence and presenting it successfully in court.

(Politika, 25.02.2018)


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