New alert system for drivers in Serbia as of July

As of July 1, drivers on Serbia’s motorways and local roads would be automatically alerted about an accident or traffic jam, or changes in weather conditions, by the alerts broadcasted on Radio 202.

The drivers would have to switch on the TA button on their radios which all cars, manufactured after 2006, have. The warning will interrupt even the music from CD or USB too.

Vladimir Rebic, the police director, signed the contract with the representatives of the public enterprise Putevi Srbije (Serbian Roads),  the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM), Emission Technology and Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) regarding the traffic alerts.

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“The moment we receive information from the police’s operational centre, we will publish it, and this information will be heard in cars which radios had an activated TA button.  This is common practice in other countries and we hope that it will reduce the number of traffic accidents with fatal consequences,” said Milica Kuburovic, head of the programme at Belgrade’s Radio 202 station.

The Interior Ministry says this is a major contribution to traffic safety, and that idea for this project, which took eight months to complete, was a tragic chain collision between several dozens of cars that also resulted eight people killed, that happened in November last year, near the town of Jagodina.

(Politika, 26.06.2019)



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