New agricultural land law: In force as of 1st September

Changes and amendments to the Law on Agricultural Land, imposing limitations on foreign nationals buying land in Serbia, will be adopted in the Parliament on 1st September – the Ministry of Agriculture says.

The draft law was discussed by the government on 4th August, and will be urgently adopted in the Parliament in September.

The law would prevent a total liberalization in acquiring agricultural land, which was originally stipulated in the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA).

Serbia signed the SAA in 2008, and is the only country that has agreed, during the EU accession negotiations, to liberalize acquisition of agricultural land before it becomes a full-fledged EU member.

The SAA came into force on 1st September, 2013, and it stipulates that, in the period of the next four years, Serbia should gradually harmonize its legislation, in the segment of acquiring ownership over land, in order for the EU citizens to have the same right as the Serbian ones when buying land.

The changes to the relevant law, that are planned to be adopted on 1st September, stipulate that an EU national can acquire a land only if they have had a 10-year-residence in the municipality in which the land is located, and that they have been involved in agriculture for at least three years prior to buying land in Serbia.

Also, EU nationals are eligible to buy land in Serbia if they have a registered agricultural holding, which has been operating in line with the relevant law for at least ten years, plus they need to own agricultural machinery and equipment.

(Vecernje Novosti, 14.08.2017)


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