New 82 coronavirus cases in Serbia, 741 in total

According to the latest data in Serbia, 82 new cases of the coronavirus have been reported. Therefore, the number of infected people has increased from 659 to 741.

Since the last report at 15.00 h on Sunday, 376 people have been tested, 82 of them positive and 294 negative for the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has infected 741 people so far, 13 of whom have died.

The most important measures so far are the ban on the people over the age of 65 from going out and the daily curfew from 5 pm to 5 am (on weekends from 5 am to 3 pm). Pet owners are no longer allowed to take their dogs for a walk after 8 pm.

The Government of Serbia has issued a decree derogating the constitutionally guaranteed rights of citizens. The Serbian MUP (police) has established special information lines on the current situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic (email: [email protected] and phone number 011/2741-580).

(B92, 29.03.2020)



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